Developed by an elite team of international artists during the COVID lockdowns, this new year-round masterclass programme is dedicated to preparing singers for success in an increasingly competitive industry. 


Each week-long workshop will address a specific theme and be taught by a team of four world-class specialists focusing on different aspects of performance – a singer & a coach will be joined by tutors dedicated to physicality and musical context. The individual programmes and teaching teams are carefully tailored to suit both the topic and the needs of the 8 selected participants. 


Deborah Polaski

Baroque Travesti Roles 

Dame Sarah Connolly

Exploring the Spiritual

Lawrence Brownlee

Spanish Song

Ailyn Perez​


Techniques to Liberate the Soul

Ermonela Jaho

Overcoming Stereotypes

Latonia Moore

The Feminist Ingénue

Golda Schultz

Vocal & Psychological Freedom 

Eva Maria Westbroek

& Frank van Aken

Our roster of upcoming courses includes: 

Negotiating Menopause

Adrianne Pieczonka

Servants & Masters

Sir Gerald Finley

Strauss Lieder

Anne Schwanewilms

Die Walküren

Christine Goerke

With an enormous variety of courses designed for post-graduate students through to established professionals, the Stimme, Leib & Seele programme will equip singers to negotiate the professional, personal and vocal changes which are often neglected or ignored.