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Stimme, Leib & Seele Livestream



Udo Zimmermann – Weiße Rose ”Einmal noch…” (Sopie Scholl) Gabrielle Penney

Mark Adamo – Little Women “Couldn’t I Unbake the Bread” (Jo) Jesse Mashburn

Richard Mills – Here Where Death and Life are Met “The Orange Tree” Gabrielle Penney

Marc Migó – Four Songs in Red “I’m in love with myself” Jesse Mashburn

André Previn – A Streetcar Named Desire “I want magic” (Blanche) Gabrielle Penney

Peggy Glanville-Hicks – Sappho “Now everything is silence and remoteness” (Sappho) Jesse Mashburn

Andrew Watts (Countertenor); Moshe Landsberg (Coach); Lisenka Heijboer Castañón (Director); Jennifer Condon (Musical Context)

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