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Stimme, Leib & Seele is committed to providing courses accessible to talented singers of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds - eventually offering fully subsidised courses. For now, all available funding will be distributed via Bursary and Scholarship awards, to assist as many singers as possible to achieve their goals.

Scholarships are financial awards granted to applicants based on their excellence.

Bursaries are financial awards given to applicants based on financial need.


A limited number of scholarships will be awarded annually to applicants who display outstanding talent and potential. Scholarships will pay all tuition costs, international travel to Salzburg & accommodation costs. Extra opportunities for coaching, lessons, language training and career coaching may be offered in addition to the course programme.  

The application deadlines for scholarships are the same as the course application deadlines - please refer to the courses page.

All applicants may apply for subsidised tuition fees by submitting a Bursary Request with the Online Course Application. Bursaries will not be limited in number but granted as funds allow. 

The applicable Bursary Request Form & further information is available on the individual course pages.

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