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Company and Goals

Stimme, Leib & Seele was born of many Zoom conversations between artists searching for answers during the COVID 19 pandemic. Many established artists discovered teaching as a valuable creative outlet whilst others re-examined their own technique & repertoire. Emerging artists and students sought out mentors and online masterclasses – forced to navigate a different path to achieve their goals. The operatic industry has been turned on its head and life as a singer is now even more challenging than it was before.

The Stimme, Leib & Seele Faculty wants to help.

The concept – themed workshops taught by a multifaceted team – was devised by Australian conductor, Jennifer Condon. Jennifer began her career as an opera prompt, a role completely focussed on the well-being of singers at all stages of a production. After decades of careful observation of singers as a prompt, coach and conductor,  she began to write a list of everything a singer might need throughout a career – from postgraduate studies to retirement. Then she opened the brainstorm to everyone to whom she has thrown a cue. There are many - 2 years later she is still making calls. 

The result is the Stimme, Leib & Seele workshop series, with over 80 different courses currently in planning with singers, directors, choreographers and coaches from all over the globe. 

The setting is intimate – just 8 participants and 4 tutors will work intensively on each topic for a week, hidden away in a villa nestled in the Austrian mountains. The tutors don’t just drop in for an hour – they are on site for the entire week to guide and mentor you. They want you to succeed. And to prove it, some will return as students to seek guidance from others. This is the place to lower your guard, try new repertoire, new techniques, examine your difficulties and explore the depths of your craft – to become the singer you want to be.

Whilst every course has a listed fee, Stimme, Leib & Seele is in no way a pay-to-sing programme. Bursaries and scholarships are available to all applicants and our development team is working to secure as much sponsorship as possible. The goal is to raise sufficient funds to abolish fees entirely. In the meantime, if you are selected to participate, the team will work with you to make it happen.

Musikvilla Untersberg

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Musikvilla Untersberg is currently being renovated to accommodate the Stimme, Leib & Seele workshops. It features an acoustically treated salon with Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano (by arrangement with Bösendorfer); a movement studio with Harlequin sprung dance floor; 2 coaching studios and several warm-up/study spaces. 

The villa is situated on a tree-lined corner block at the foot of the Untersberg mountain in the Austrian village of Großgmain.

FireShot Capture 497 - Untersberghof – Apartments und Ferienwohnungen in Großgmain bei Sal
FireShot Capture 499 - Hotel Gasthof Kaiser Karl -
FireShot Capture 498 - Hotel Gasthof Kaiser Karl -


Student Accommodation

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